About the Working Group

Before making the decision to reinstate the Christchurch Cathedral, it’s owner (the Church Property Trustees on behalf of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch) and the Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration are seeking an in-depth investigation into reinstatement options.

In order to progress decision making around the future of the ChristChurch Cathedral, the ChristChurch Cathedral Independent Working Group has been appointed to identify feasible, achievable and fully-costed options.

We will provide advice and recommendations to the Minister and the Church Property Trustees, including the options for construction, timelines and costs for the reinstatement of the Cathedral. 


What is the role of the Working Group?

The Working Group will submit a report to the Church Property Trustees and the Minister outlining multiple options for reinstating the Cathedral building, and suggested work programmes to each option, along our recommendations around a preferred option.

We will work with a team of experts to plot out what each option looks like, including engineering and funding.

We will also seek any further stakeholder advice and information from stakeholder groups require to meet our purpose.

Terms of Reference for an Independent Working Group to investigate the Reinstatement of the Christchurch Cathedral [insert link]


About the Christchurch Property Trust

The Church Property Trustees (CPT) hold and administer the property and investments of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch. They do this in accordance with an Act of Parliament – Anglican (Diocese of Christchurch) Church Property Trust Act 2003.

The 2011 and 2012 earthquakes drastically changed the way the CPT worked, quickly growing to currently managing over 250 rebuild and repair projects across the diocese.

For more information about how CPT are governed, rebuild news and how they manage properties and investments visit anglicanlife.org.nz.