ChristChurch Cathedral to be reinstated

On Saturday 9 September 2017, the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch’s Synod voted to accept an offer of support from the Government, with support from Christchurch City Council and the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust, to reinstate ChristChurch Cathedral.

The reinstatement project will be led by a joint venture to be made up of Church Property Trustees (CPT) who manage the Cathedral on behalf of the Diocese, and an independent trust set up by the Government. The trust will also lead the public fundraising effort. 

The indicative timetable is seven years for the completion of the main and ancillary buildings (including design work, legislation and approvals still required before physical works can begin), and up to a further three years for the tower and spire. This depends on the progress of fundraising.

To find out more about the planned reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral and the Government offer of support for reinstatement see the links below.

About reinstatement


The Cathedral Working Group was established by the Government and the Anglican (Diocese of Christchurch) Church Property Trustees in June 2016 to investigate and recommend a viable way to reinstate ChristChurch Cathedral. It produced the Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report (November 2016), which recommended reinstatement. Following the delivery of its report, the Cathedral Working Group ceased in December 2016.

The Government and Christchurch City Council support the conclusions of the report and made an offer to the Bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews on 4 July 2017 to support reinstatement. The Anglican Synod voted to accept the offer on 9 September 2017.

This offer stems from and expands upon the contents of that report. Therefore, this Cathedral Working Group website is being used to provide ongoing information about the reinstatement project.

About reinstatement

Useful documents and links

Full Offer of Support document (2.5 MB PDF) 

Additional Frequently asked questions about the Government’s offer to support the reinstatement of ChristChurch (28 July 2017) (61 KB PDF)

Frequently asked questions about the Government’s offer to support the reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral (4 July 2017) (29 KB PDF)

Media release: Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner (64 KB PDF)

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Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report

Latest updates

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